BACK TO DANCE 2020/2021 


RCDC is excited to get back to dance in 2020 and we know you are eager to know what that looks like!  


We will be offering in-studio and digital classes starting in Fall 2020, leading up to our annual recital in May of 2021.   As the Central Arkansas community navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, we at RCDC commit to keeping an open line of communication with our customers and always keeping the health and safety of our students and staff a priority.  


In-Studio Updates 

To safely open for classes, our updated protocols will ensure that we limit the amount of close contact between students and faculty in high-traffic situations and times.  These steps include: 

-health screenings upon entry,

-separate & spaced out entrances,

-staggered class start/end times,

-smaller class sizes (limited capacity),

-class zones (students/teachers will not cross zones)

-sanitation of classrooms before/after each class,

-gridlines used in classroom to mark appropriate physical distancing,

-limited lobby access to reduce congestion 

-dancer pick-up and drop-off occurs outside

-dancers receive a Bonus Zoom Class Subscription when registered for In-Studio classes.

Digital Classes 

Digital classes will be offered year round for dancers and families who are high risk and want to limit their social exposure. You can sign up for a specific Digital Zoom Class that meets on Wednesday evenings and get the Bonus Zoom Class Subscription.  

COVID-19 Accommodations

Modifications to the offerings at Rock City Dance Center may happen mid season due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Rock City Dance Center will provide reasonable accommodations to all of our customers. 


Classes - We will pivot to a hybrid classroom and offer classes via Zoom if required, until it is safe for us to return. Please contact the studio for the most updated guidelines and procedures. Due to COVID-19 exposure, we may have to close a class, zone of classes, or the entire studio if community spread becomes substantial.  Periods of closure could be: 24 hours, 1-3 days, 14 days, or longer periods based on ADH guidance.

Recital - In the event that a recital can not be safely held as planned, we will pivot and provide reasonable performance accommodations for all students. Recital tuition will be charged but could be modified to a lesser value based on accommodations. Please see the Magical Recital Experience we provided in 2020 as an example of a modified recital format. Recital tuition is non-refundable. 


Our COVID-19 polices will be updated as new guidance and information is available.  We commit to being fluid and keeping current with all CDC and Arkansas Department of Health directives.  This page will be the source of updates to keep our customers informed at all times. Please see the FAQ below for more guidance.