Fundamental technique classes are sectioned by age and skill level. These are open classes for serious students and are the basis of the dance training at RCDC. These classes will not participate in the recital. Classes are 30 minutes to 1.5 hours in length and tuition for these classes will follow the RCDC Hourly Tuition Schedule.  


TO REGISTER:  Registration for the 2020-21 fundamental session will open August 17, 2020.  The first day of class will be September 8, 2020.  Please create an account through our online registration system and register for the "Fundamental Placement Class".  Once we receive your registration the office will be in contact with you to place you in the appropriate level for the fundamental class(es) of your choice.  


Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Through this structured class, students will learn proper body placement, gain flexibility and develop strength. This class will consist of barre and center floor work. It is suggested that every student at RCDC be in at least one ballet class.


Contemporary dance begins by taking traditional dance forms and bending the rules, which unleashes a freedom in movement and form. Rich in its emotionally driven storytelling, contemporary dance has a power to inspire artists to explore uncharted territory and unspoken truths. Contemporary dance uses the art of dance to share unique perspectives in the human condition. The result is movement that is both thought provoking and entertaining.


In this high-energy class, students will learn the basics of many street dance styles with combinations set to their favorite age-appropriate music. Students will benefit greatly from the isolations, strength and flexibility required of this energetic dance style.


Students of all ages and backgrounds love this high-energy class. A strong emphasis is placed on proper technique as the students learn jazz isolations, leaps, turns, floor work and combinations in many styles. Jazz requires a strong technical foundation so dancers will benefit greatly by taking ballet.


Tap is great exercise and improves rhythmic skills. Dancers of all ages and skill levels will enjoy Tap. These classes develop coordination, concentration, rhythm, and speed. Tap students are introduced to a broad range of standard tap technique to age appropriate music.


This is a specialized technique class designed to assist students in focusing on the leaps, jumps and turns that dancers perform in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. This specialized class is a way to build a solid foundation of skills and focus on specific technical elements in a structured environment.  

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