Company COVID Policies

 2020/2021 competitive season 11

direct all questions to Kristen Pittman

Message from the Director:

Rock City Dance Center's competitive programs have been a pillar of the Central Arkansas community for a decade. For 10 years our studio has been a safe place for dancers, staff and families to explore movement, express emotions, and acquire the tools to help process and understand the world around them. RCDC Company has a strong tradition of technical training as well as a deeply rooted culture of artistic expression, inclusivity and encouragement. Looking ahead to Season 11 and beyond, I am committed to the reinforcement of this tradition as well as the continued growth and evolution of the competitive programs. We will also continue to be a safe space for everyone involved. We teach our dancers every day the importance of adaptability and courage when faced with adversity. When faced with the unexpected changes and hardships brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic this Spring, we learned a lot as a company. We were forced to be creative. We had to adapt. We had to be flexible. We had to reimagine. We had to persevere. We had to lead with our hearts and refocus.   

As we begin Season 11,  we will use all that we have learned and will welcome continued learning. We will be true to the roots we have planted and will continue to build amazing traditions, committing to be creative & flexible. We will be inspired by the world and people around us. We will not stop learning and growing - are you ready?

Our Season 11 Commitments to You

Rock City Dance Center commits to keeping an open line of communication with all our company families.  We commit to transparency and fair business practices through the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Rock City Dance Center commits to making the safety of our dancers and staff a priority.  We commit to making decisions for the company and the studio that are based on science and the wellbeing of our community. Our current studio protocols ​and FAQ can be found HERE.
Creativity & Flexibility 
Rock City Dance Center commits to being creative and flexible to continue to provide services to our dancers.  We commit to providing reasonable accommodations if we must close or cancel an event.  We will create out-of-the-box artistic opportunities to engage our dancers and let them showcase their talents and abilities.  We will continue to push the artistic limits and and commit to personal artistic development and growth for our company, staff and dancers. 
New Studio/Stage
In coordination with our commitment to safety and creativity, we have done construction here inside our studio this summer.  We have built a 2,000 square foot studio which can also be converted to a full stage!  This new flex space will give us a blank canvas to create magic in!  It has professional floated floors with Marley.  The ceilings have been removed to create more overhead space and has top of the line ventilation.  We will be able to maintain proper physical distancing and have a flexible space to create in.  As we grow into this space, we will add a professional curtain and stage lighting.
Our Season 
We commit to the Season 11 events below.  We also know that circumstances surrounding COVID-19 may prohibit or change the planned events.  We commit to offering creative solutions to anything that might be cancelled this season.  Some ideas and ways we are planning ahead are listed below. We are going to have an amazing year together and hope that you will join us in the Season 11 Adventure!
-We will be keeping and reimagining about many of our routines from Season 10 with updated casting, updated choreography & updated staging to keep it fresh. 
-We will add new routines.
-After auditions, when casting comes out, you will notice Season 10 routines along with new Season 11 routines.  Most dancers will have a combination of both new and reimagined.
-We will keep costs down for any new costumes purchased using local vendors & "pedestrian" clothes similar to the Creative Videos we did this summer.
-We will repurpose - swap costumes from Season 10.
-Deposits due in October will be 1/2 of what is usual - only $50 per dance
-We will collect fees based on our typical timeline, however RCDC will not be paying the competition companies on your behalf until the last possible deadline. In years past, we would pay early, however this season we will pay as close to the event as possible. That way the companies can not hold your money.  If an event cancels on us, RCDC will have more flexibility to refund/credit back you. 
- This season we will be staying local.
-All regional competitions will be within the state of Arkansas.
-We will have one out of state convention -Radix Dallas-that will be optional for company dancers. (Past Season 10 company dancers see your email regarding Radix fees from 2020)
-We will participate in Nationals in Branson.
-While regular attendance is necessary for proper training, we understand that with this virus we need to have a more flexible attendance policy.  We will be fair and flexible, allowing zoom classes for make-ups and finding creative solutions for a dancer if they have to miss for an extended period of time.  Safety comes first. 
-We have a no-tolerance policy for missing performances, however if a dancer has to miss due to COVID-19 related reasons, we will be flexible and understanding. Safety comes first. 
-We will be separating our Apprentice and Boys Crew and allowing them their own audition to minimize studio congestion August 1-2.  Apprentice & Boys Crew will now audition during the Apprentice Camp and Boys Crew Camp July 27-29.
-All dancers ages 3-6 will audition in the Mini Camp July 27-29 (Apprentice & Company)
-We will separate and zone off dancers during the Summer Intensive for Auditions.  We will maintain safe spacing and distance at all times.  
-We ask that you all please register early if you plan on attending so that we can adequately plan staffing and space dancers appropriately.
-We will be doing the traditional parent meeting during auditions via Zoom.
-We will not be doing August choreography like in years past. We feel our dancers and families need consistency for schedule, training and to keep our studio safe.
-We will have casting and fundamental class assignments emailed out to dancers within 2 days of the last audition. 
-On August 10th, we will start the traditional schedule of Wednesday rehearsals and Fundamental classes on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday evenings.
-Choreography will take place during their regularly scheduled Wednesday rehearsals this season. 
- We have created a COVID FAQ page that will be updated regularly with new information.  You can learn about studio zones, entry and exit and all procedures we are putting in place to keep our staff, dancers & families safe. Please visit this page for the most up to date studio policies. HERE


1 Convention (travel) *will be optional

3 Competitions (local)

1 Recital

1 Nationals (Branson)


Auditions: during Summer Intensive August 1-2, 2020


*All company events and additional events below:

1-2 competition(s) with possible travel- will assess risk

1  collective Christmas Show

Auditions: during Summer Intensive August 1-2, 2020



2 Competitions (local)

1 Recital

Apprentice Auditions: Apprentice Camp July 27-29, 2020

Boys Crew Auditions: Boys Crew Camp July 27-29, 2020


Important Dates

2020/2021 -  SEASON 11

Suggested Summer Training:

Summer Fundamentals -  June & July 2020

Digital Summer Subscription - Zoom Training Classes - June & July 2020

Apprentice & Company Camp - July 27-30, 2020 (includes apprentice auditions)

Boys Crew Camp - July. 27-30, 2020 (includes boys crew auditions)

Required Dates:

Summer Intensive & Company Auditions - August 1-2, 2020

*Boys should audition at Boys Crew Camp July 27-30, 2020

*Apprentice should audition at Apprentice Camp July 27-30, 2020

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